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John Dough X RetroKash – “Knievel” [Cover Art]


2nd track from the #StudyGroup Mixtape by John Dough @fugginamazin

#Knievel features @RetroKash, is produced by @FlawlessTracks, and was mixed by Block Bleedaz’ @Sauce_a_Relli at Matchbox Studios.

Artwork done by @SlyTheClever, and video by JermsNFected of #CloudVijon

Full video, behind the scenes pictures, and other new tracks from #StudyGroup will be available at http://www.iamfugginamazin.tumblr.com .

John Dough X MsUpMilo – “Scantron” [mp3]

He’s back with with his #StudyGroup mixtape. He’s starting off the year with #Scantron, with features @MsUpMilo, who is head honcho of Wu Tang like posse of street rappers named #MsUpMusic. While Milo took the stance of storytelling, John Dough says he’s now got things under control, saying “you can come jump on the team, I promise to carry us all like a charter bus.”

John Dough has songs on the usual channels like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but will be providing a one-stop-shop at www.iamfugginamazin.tumblr.com , so people can check out visuals and the tracks all in one place.

Though under the radar, the renewed tenacity and aggression in John Dough’s music should provide insight to skeptics, and energy to previous fans. #StudyGroup is executive produced by Block Bleedaz’ Relli.

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